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Advanced Architectures & Support

“Expert + AI-driven Kubernetes architectures and support”

A monthly flat-fee cloud and Kubernetes support offering, designed to provide businesses with access to highly skilled technical experts and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. With the fast-moving and constantly changing nature of cloud and Kubernetes computing, security and vulnerability management is of  utmost importance. That’s why we have designed our offering with a focus on these critical areas.

We have three progressively sophisticated tiers to choose from: Snapshot-AI, Active-AI, and Augmented-AI. With our “Try Before You Buy” component, you can experience the benefits of our offering with no commitment. This allows you to evaluate the capabilities of our solution and determine if it’s right for your business before making a long-term commitment.

With a flat-fee monthly pricing model, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected bills or hidden fees. And for those who commit to an annual term, we offer significant discounts so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a reliable and cost-effective support solution in place for the long term.

AI Model Development & MLOps

“State-of-the-Art AI/ML Expertise and IP: 
Empowering Start-ups and Large Enterprises with Model Development and Production MLOps Environments”

NeoSavant offers cutting-edge AI and MLOps solutions that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and leverage the power of artificial intelligence. Our suite of services spans from model development and experimentation to state-of-the-art Machine Learning infrastructure for operationalizing AI models in production environments, covering everything from feature engineering to model serving and management.

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Turnkey K8s Environments & Integrations

“Empowering Your Kubernetes Journey: From Starter to Enterprise – 
Demystifying the Experience”

Neotericc provides solutions that empower clients at every stage of their Kubernetes journey, from initial Starter environments to advanced Enterprise data centers. We focus on providing tangible solutions and demystifying the experience. Our goal is to make the process of adopting and scaling Kubernetes more accessible and understandable for clients, regardless of their expertise level.

Neotericc’s K8s environment build-out solutions encompass flexible delivery models and advanced DevOps/GitOps workflows. We leverage our 10+ years of experience in Kubernetes, IoT, and AI technologies to empower clients with cutting-edge solutions designed to accelerate development, enhance collaboration, and optimize infrastructure performance. 

Our cloud-native data center setups range from rapid, bring-your-own-account (BYOA) sandbox implementations to “prefabricated” environments for experimentation, cluster/tooling upgrade testing, or very largescale performance testing (20+K transactions per second).

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