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OUR STORY is a boutique group of executives, engineers, and practitioners with a heritage in pioneering computer technologies—from UNIX internals and Cloud/AI to Augmented Reality and IoT/Edge device/wearable product engineering—that includes six patents.

We are passionate about inventing and demonstrating results. 

We have successfully innovated and implemented new products, models, and environments for some of the world's leading brands, from green-field initiatives to complex transformations—at hundreds-of-thousands-per-second and billions-per-day scale.  



Founder - Cloud / AI / ML Ops / Edge

More than 30 years' experience, including more than 20 years within AI/analytics, cloud/compute, and edge/IoT environments. Recognized pioneer with six patents in IoT/wearables, advanced cloud/K8s computing, ML Ops/stream processing, computer vision, and edge/far edge computing. Extensive experience serving clients such as Allstate, Arity, CIGNA, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, P&G, Sears, and others.

  • •    Board Member, Microsoft Azure Partner Advisory Council
    •    Founder, Neotericc,, Digital Folio, Inc., & Retail Kinetics, LLC 
    •    CEO, Tbi Database Marketing, Omnicom  
    •    Global Managing Partner, Scient / iXL
    •    AT&T Computer Systems / AT&T Bell Labs / MIT Strategic Computing
    •    x86 Assembly/BASIC/COBOL/C/C++/C#/Java/Python 


Edge AI & Compute / Embedded IoT Hardware & Software

13+ years of Embedded C/C++ (Bare metal, Embedded Linux, RTOS) engineering and leadership experience, with strong theoretical and practical knowledge. Significant background in digital and analog electronics and embedded software/hardware architecture (components selection, UML design, workflow diagrams, etc.) design.
•    Founder, Droid Technologies LLC
•    Senior Software Developer, SoftServer LLC
•    P-Product Middle Embedded C/C++ Developer


Platforms - Security / Cloud / Edge / API

20+ years of technology experience across multiple industries, including retail, hospitality, banking, and healthcare. Extensive software engineering and architecture experience with high-performance, scalable solutions in multi-cloud environments, IoT, API ecosystems, complex modeling, data processing, algorithm design, and AI-infused applications.
•    Solution Area Specialist, Microsoft
•    Enterprise Architect, Engineering Manager, NCR Corp.
•    Senior Architect, HERE Maps
•    Founder, The Allinder Group LLC


AI / Neural Networks - Advanced App Development and Security

30+ years of experience in the telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare sectors specializing in high-performance system design, complex domain modeling, application modernization, enterprise architecture integration, cloud computing, application security, and image recognition and classification using neural networks.
•    Author and Lead Neural Network Developer in support of NASA's global-change and earth-warming initiatives
•    Large language models (LLM) using transformer neural net and reinforcement learning and human feedback (RLHF)
•    Enterprise architecture and modeling through TOGAF, Zachman, DoDAF, ITIL, RUP architecture processes using UML, SysML, BPMN
•    Researcher, AI-fortified application security
•    Managing Partner, Serenetics, Inc.
•    Senior Architect, Tanning Technology
•    Senior Consultant, CSC Intellicom


Advisory:  Distributed Computing / Eventing  / AI Development

Software engineer with 10+ years of experience in both start-up and enterprise AI engineering projects ranging from distributed computational analytics to real-time streaming telematics applications. Distributed Computing Software Engineer for clients such as Arity, Allstate, Vitria, T-Mobile, and others. Active research in massively parallelized AI inference pipelines for cloud and edge processing.
•    Driving behavior and Telematics AI Engineer at Arity Telematics
•    Military SECRET clearance & U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) for the U.S. Office of Naval Research for 3D naval ship class simulation 
•    Apache Kafka and  Flink Distributed Computing Specialist at NetApp
•    Software Engineer – Instaclustr, Neotericc, Applied Research Associates, Inc., and Digital Folio Microsoft Surface development
•    Java / Python software development


Data Science

Over 20 years’ experience at Fortune 100 companies applying analytics and consumer insights and driving marketing tech innovation to deliver game-changing impact in businesses across the retail, tech, and consumer goods industries.
•    VP Consultant driving T-Mobile’s Traffic Data Capture and Fidelity cross-organization initiative
•    Head of Marketing and Analytics, Microsoft Stores
•    Head of Marketing, Hardlines, Target Corporation
•    Head of Marketing, Digital, Analytics, and Consumer Insights, Best Buy Corporate


Emerging Tech and Talent

7+ years of experience managing talent and tech partnerships with a sharp focus on the tech sector. Has played leadership roles in establishing and maintaining key talent networks and partnerships to drive and support innovation and client delivery. A seasoned practitioner who brings expertise and understanding of the evolving staffing needs of the AI, cloud, and edge technology landscapes that are instrumental to driving success.
•    Managing Partner - 1872 Consulting Recruitment
•    Solutions Sales / Talent Strategy and Fulfillment
•    Data Streaming / Kubernetes / Cloud Architecture / Software Development Solutions 
•    Tech SaaS / Financial Services / Professional Services Domains


Communications and Research

A communications professional with 30+ years of experience in marketing, public relations, social media, and internal communications for companies in a variety of industries, including retirement plan services, insurance, and tech.
•    Marketing Editor, Empower 
•    President, Community Resources, Inc. Board of Directors
•    Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications 

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